A cost effective way of optimizing your data collection for operations management.

Emprise Log Keeping

Automate the Log-Keeping Process Capture Data Accurately Analyze Process Performance Centralize Log Management

Better control and greater cost efficiency with Emprise LogBook®

When you eliminate the need for paper logs, your entire process management program benefits. From the on-site shift engineer who takes daily readings to your operational management center, everyone stays better informed and in better control.

Logbook to Digital Conversion

Electronic clipboard with data links

Shift engineers can input data quickly into a PDA type handheld device as they make their rounds. An out-of-range entry will immediately trigger an alarm condition so corrective action can take place immediately. A complete audit trail for every on-site entry that includes date, time, and employee permits you to trace the origin of all events.

Command and control with a PC

With easy transfer of data, a machinery or facility management center can review the most recent readings, issue night orders, analyze data, create graphs, generate reports, and archive data for future reference.

In one cost-effective solution, LogBook® creates an accurate, immediate, and useful data stream for better operations management, tracking, and control.

Even in the standard configuration, LogBook® can track an unlimited number of process variables, including temperature, vibration, pressure, amps, radiation, etc. Years of data can be stored for immediate review and anlysis.

Computer With Logbook Dashboard


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Fast, accurate, and mobile data entry.

LogBook® eliminates handwriting as a factor in keeping and deciphering logs. Entries into a PDA type handheld device can be set up to accept numeric data or user-defined selections such as high/low/normal, on/off, or 1,2,3,4. Incorrect entries, those that don't meet formatting criteria, are rejected and require the user to correct the input error before moving on.

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Graphs at a touch of the button.

With the graphing capabilities of LogBook®, it's easy to spot trends or see where trouble is starting to develop. You can create, view, customize, rename, delete, enlarge and print log graphs. Parameters are plotted in a variety of units versus time, and can be customized as needed. Data is accessible locally and world-wide.

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Out-of-range readings trigger automatic alarm condition.

Shift engineers are alerted immediately to out-of-range conditions right at the point of entry. Any entry that is beyond a preset limit will trigger an alarm condition. Personnel taking the readings are immediately advised to initiate corrective action. Fast corrective action can preclude maintenance problems and limit the cost of repairs.

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Accountability leads to better training and system improvements.

Everyone with access to LogBook® is directly accountable for their entries. You can use this audit trail to help determine weaknesses and strengths of your log-keeping process. Better training and systems improvements are the result.

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Audit trail for every entry.

No more backtracking through different manual entries to identify sources of operational problems. LogBook® users log on at the beginning of each session, and every entry they make during their shift is permanently recorded with User ID, time and date.

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Expandable to cover numerous plants and facilities.

Whether your requirements are for a single site or many, LogBook® can accommodate your needs. In the Standard configuration, LogBook® can track unlimited readings, providing ample compatibility for the most demanding facility. In the Enterprise configuration, LogBook® can centralize operations for an unlimited number of remote facilities.

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No keying errors from data transfer.

Outdated logkeeping systems require data to be transferred manually for computerized analysis - which can lead to keying errors. There is also additional expense for keeping logs on file. You eliminate these expensive and antiquated procedures with the LogBook® solution.

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Required reading feature acts as a plant "Bulletin Board".

Required Reading, authored and updated by your managers, contain important operational orders. LogBook® can function as a plant "bulletin board". Individual sign-offs ensure that each user has read, and plans to comply with your directives.

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Easy to check past records.

Searching through past records can be a problem in paper systems. Not so with LogBook®. LogBook® makes it easy to check past maintenance readings. At the PC, you can scroll through previous records or search for specific entries.

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Greater cost efficiency.

When you combine all the benefits of LogBook®, your entire log-keeping process becomes more efficient. Data is entered only once electronically. Paper logs go away. Data is more readily available for immediate use by managers. You gain greater control of employees. For some operations, one year of efficiencies with LogBook® can easily pay back 2 or 3 times its cost.


Emprise Corporation provides all installation, training, and log development services required for the implementation of the Logbook® product. 365/24/7 help desk support is provided to both our commercial and government customers.

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