Condition Monitoring

Emprise Corporation is uniquely capable of providing its customers with comprehensive Condition Monitoring packages that will lay the groundwork for successful machinery maintenance.

Vibration Data
Collection & Analysis

Emprise Corporation provides both machinery and structural vibration analysis services, from a one time analysis of a problem machine or structure to full service vibration analysis based predictive maintenance programs. Emprise Corporation vibration analysis program can be provided as a full service contract, by providing data analysis of client collected data; or by working with client personnel to develop a fully functional "in house" program, or a selection of flexible programs options in between.

Emprise Vibration Analysts are certified to ISO 18436-2, Category III and are recognized as a Condition Monitoring External Specialist by the American Bureau of Shipping.

Infrared Thermal Imaging (Thermography)

Emprise Corporation provides Electrical Thermography Services. Thermography is non-intrusive and has been proven to be highly effective at identifying electrical and mechanical system anomalies and minimizing the risk of electrical/mechanical failures, fire or personnel hazards and may even reduce fire insurance premiums since many fire insurance providers recognize the value of thermographic surveys.

Emprise Thermographers are certified to ASNT SNT-TC-1A standards and are recognized as a Condition Monitoring External Specialist by the American Bureau of Shipping.

Diesel Engine Combustion Analysis

Emprise Corporation provides Diesel Engine Combustion Analyzer Services. Emprise is a full service provider and repair facility for the Icon Research Portable Diesel Engine Analysis unit (DOCTOR).

Emprise Corporation can provide clients with the analyzer, training and support for “in-house” use or provide on-site data collection and analysis, as needed.

Oil Analysis

Emprise Corporation provides Oil Analysis Services which include wear particle, contaminant, additives, viscosity, ferrography, percent solids and water, and infrared analysis. A comprehensive oil analysis package is complementary to other condition monitoring techniques and a natural addition to a complete Condition Based Monitoring Program.

Emprise Machinery Lubricant Analysts are certified to ISO 18436-4, Category III standards.


Emprise Corporation offers full in-place balancing services. Emprise staff will come to a customer facility, perform an equipment assessment, collect the appropriate vibration data to ensure that the source of vibration is indeed balance related, and provide on-site balancing to within ISO guidelines. A full report will be issued documenting both the vibration levels, and frequency vs. amplitude spectra before and after balancing.


Both introductory and advanced training courses are provided on program implementation and analysis of vibration spectra. Seminars are offered that explain predictive maintenance technology, the appropriate applications and the potential benefits of predictive maintenance programs.

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